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Forget legalese – welcome to Legaleasy!

Legaleasy is different; we don’t use outdated terms that no-one uses in real life (not even lawyers!). You won’t find ‘whereupon’, ‘henceforth’ or ‘aforementioned’ used in any of our documents.

Instead, we use everyday language to create legal templates that protect your business.

Legaleasy demystifies the law for you and increases your confidence in the legal aspects of your work.

We provide plain English legal templates you can use to protect your website, professional relationships, reputation and finances.

It means that you and those you work with understand your legal obligations.

You understand how the law works and why it works that way.

And you can carry out your business feeling confident that you’re under the law’s protection rather than at risk of its consequences.

That’s the beauty of Legaleasy.

legaleasy’s founders

Jeanette Jifkins

Hi, I’m Jeanette. I’m a commercial lawyer, author, board member and speaker who loves helping small businesses succeed. After all, I own several businesses myself!

I believe that the law is there for everyone. So it shouldn’t be expressed in a way that only makes sense to a few.

That’s why, with Legaleasy, you’ll get straightforward documents that make sense to you.

Tony Jifkins

Hi, I’m Tony. I’m an IT specialist with expertise in programming, app building and website development.

I’ve worked for a number of different companies and am now the owner of a few different businesses. I know the importance of clear, easy-to-understand legal advice that gives you confidence in your operations. I hope Legaleasy provides that for you.


Vision, Mission, Values

To build a happy community of small business owners who are quietly confident they have the right legal contracts to support their business needs.

To be the most popular go to platform for solving legal issues for small business quickly and easily.


People – always looking to make our customers and employee’s lives easier
Confidence – giving confidence to everyone we touch
Keep it simple – always thinking about how to simplify everything we do
Innovation – always looking for opportunities to improve

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How to Start, Run and Protect Your Business With Legaleasy

Getting your legals sorted doesn’t need to be hard. Here’s how to start, run and protect your business using Legaleasy documents written in everyday English

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